This ball elevator returns the ball to the players from the pinsetter.
Only 5 bar (75 psi) of air pressure and 24Vdc / 3W max are temporarily required in order to operate faultlessly. 
The 24Vdc power supply and control is provided by the airOsetter.
In standby mode only 0.5W (Photocell) of electrical power is used.
The airOvator uses almost the same technology and components as the airOsetter and the airOlift so spare parts will be reduced to a minimum.

Two Pinsetters

Because of the airOvator is build between two pinsetters it can support the ball return simultaneously for 2 lanes one after the other. 
If number 1 of the 2 airOsetters is switched off, number 2 takes over the management automatically and will thereafter control the airOvator and the airOlift.

Finally the airOlift under the hood is lifting up the ball and completes the automatic ball return. Within' about 12 seconds a ball will be returned onto the Ball Rack. 

The ball rack is very sturdy and made of stainless steel. The colour of the hood can be determined when ordering. 

Additionally the airOsetter has a standard ( adjustable )  "Ball Jam" program inside. This program controls the balls send from the airOvators and the received balls at the airOlift side.  if that doesn't match to the usual expected operation the "Sweep" will be activated by going up and down until the problem is resolved.

"" This airOsetter feature does not control if there are too many balls on a certain Ball Rack ""  (when the rack is too full) Always be sure that this does not occurs and remove unnecessary excess balls to leave space for new balls.

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