Our Story:

D&K electronics B.V. is an inventive Dutch company specialized in development and manufacture of high reliable electronic and mechanical products. Original founded  by Wim Dekkers en Rein Kuyer as friends, musicians and being creative in to do someting more.

In 1984 we started our company with producing timers and scoreboards for billiards and later also many Indoor/Outdoor sports. After a few years we developed the first ScoreMaster™ bowling scoring system based on our own hardware that we sold in many European countries and the middle-east. We also designed and manufactured bowling based hardware & Software for OEM companies.

In 1998 we were realizing that we couldn't compete with the established bowling scoring systems at the time, we stopped doing this.

In 2004 we started the development of the new SoreMaster Standard Entertainment System that was first released in January 2006. From that date we improved the scoring system with many animations and developed software for our remote desk manager RDS system.

In 2013 we sold and transferred the rights for the RDS software to Bosch Computers, who is from that date responsible for all RDS software updates.

From 2014 Robin Dekkers, being a son of founder Wim Dekkers joined our company. He brought new ideas and a lot of effort to develop new bowling related products.

Since 2013/14 we developed a brand new product: The airOsetter® Pinsetter for Bowling on air pressure which we first released spring 2015. Our goal was to design something new for the bowling business which should be very safe to operate and also very energy saving.

To complete the program for the next years we also developed the airOvator™ ball elevator and the airOlift™ with Hood and stainless steel airOrack™.

The latest development in 2020/21 is the airObumper™, a unique automatic bumper system, build in the standard gutter.

We have also invested in the best CNC and soldering machines to  produce our own PCB board assemblies and mechanic constructions.

Recently we have invested in many production tools, personal safety, lighting and workplace housing. Soon our roof will be full of solar panels.

Most of our Pinsetters at this moment are sold in the European Union: The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Luxembourg etc.

The airOsetter® Pinsetter is the best investment for a bowlingcenter to reduce energy cost, personnel cost and reliability. Our products are worldwide exclusively sold and supported by NGT Bowling e.K. Germany.

Sales & Services in the Netherlands: Folkert Nievelstein


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