---------- Duckpin Bowling ----------

The airOsetter is also very suitable for Duckpin bowling. With a minor adjustments and/or additions. Similar to Mini Bowling, Duckpin bowling lanes are shorter, more narrow and overall take up a significantly less amount of space.
Contact NGT Bowling for more info.

---------- NGT Duckpin Bowling ---------

Designed for use in restaurants, entertainment centers, holiday parks, hotels, bars and clubs – all those venues where people gather for communal entertainment. NGT DUCKPIN Bowling presents an addictive reinterpretation of the popular 10-pin bowling popular in the USA and Canada.  In contrast to traditional bowling, NGT DUCKPIN opens doors to a maximum of bowling delight on a significantly more compact playing surface.

---------- D&K electronics B.V. -----------

D&K electronics B.V. is an inventive Dutch company specialized in development and manufacture of high reliable electronic and mechanical products. We are now celebrating our 40 year anniversary in 2024.

In 1984 we started our company with producing timers and scoreboards for billiards and later also many Indoor/Outdoor sports. After a few years we developed the first ScoreMaster™ bowling scoring system based on our own hardware that we sold in many European countries and the middle-east. We also designed and manufactured bowling based hardware & Software for OEM companies.

European Union Intellectual Property Office ---CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION---

This Certificate of Registration is hereby issued for the European Union trade mark. 

We are very proud to announce that 'airOsetter' has been entered as a registered trademark ® in the trademark register of the Europen Union. This means that all countries affiliated to the EU have agreed to this.

----- Video Preview -----

This is the first video preview of our airObumper™ system for bowling alleys.

About this Video:
The video was recorded with a simple telephone while testing at a site and is not high quality.

----- Solid airObumper Design -----

No additional electrical power or air pressure is required if used in setup with the airOsetter® Pinsetter.
This bumper system, built into the gutter, replaces standard gutters and flips over very quickly if bumpers, for each player separately, are selected in the Scoring System.

airOsetter Control Panel

airOsetter Control Panel

All our arOsetter pinsetters are standard equipped with the new D&K hardware & software. The new airOsetter control panel at the rear side with a 4 x 20 characters blue OLED display and keyboard has many interactive functions. Elevators such as our airOvator and airOlift are now controlled by the airOsetter. Settings are easily changed with the keyboard.

airOsetter Photo Cells

airOvator / airOlift Photo Cells

airOvator and airOlift ball elevators are from now standard equipped with our newly developed infrared ball detection sensors. This composition of an IR transmitter and receiver will guarantee a 100% reliable and maintenance free solution. 

airOsetter Connect

airOsetter  connectivity with Scoring

Recently our distributors installed the airOsetter pinsetter successfully with the QubicaAMF and Steltronic Scoring systems.
The airosetter is standard plug & play compatible with ScoreMaster and NGT Pro / Impulse scoring.

NGT Transport

NGT Bowling

About NGT Bowling:
According to a cooperation agreement the complete scala of airOsetter products and the ScoreMaster™ / NGT Pro / Impulse scoring systems manufactured by D&K electronics are worldwide sold by:

NGT Bowling e. K.

Just because together we believe in the Next Generation Technology of bowling equipment.

NGT airOsetter

Info & News

Many airOsetters already sold and succesful installed in various European countries.
In order to save even more weight and energy we are always researching to use lighter materials and new programmable smart electronics for the airOsetter.
Our newest machines (availlable from Q2 2019) are standard equipped with the latest D&K electronics control system including a new colored OLED display for e.g. actual pin status and a programming utility to setup the airOvator, airOlift timing & more... 


Unique Design

The airOsetter has good looks and is designed to be highly energy efficient.
This bowling pinsetter is easy to install (plug & play) and has almost no maintenance costs. In contrast to other bowling pinsetters the airOsetter only uses extra energy when in motion. Power consumption varies from 10 to 60 Watt on average including ball returning airOvator & airOlift, airObumper and the Scoring system (excl. pin lighting). It's built as a modular system so spare parts can easily be replaced when necessary. 

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