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The airOsetter Scoring System interface

The airOscore interface is standard plug & play compatible with the NGT Pro and ScoreMaster scoring systems. Other scoring systems like QubicaAMF and Steltronic are also easily connectable.

NGT Pro / ScoreMaster scoring systems:
Packed with fun and excitement for virtually anyone of any age these scoring systems feature a complete library of cartoon style and amazing professional animations with many selectable backgrounds.
The system also includes many 'Games' for fun bowlers and children with bumper control. The simple user interface and the optional RDS front desk software for pinsetter startup, printing, uploading player names to the consoles will be very helpful.
The standard setup has wide screens up to 55 inch LCD monitors. The scoring system communicates via wired LAN with the optional management and reservation RDS system. 


Connectable with many different bowling scoring system brands 

The airOsetter scoring interface outputs are standard open drain minimal 50mA sinking to ground with respect to +24Vdc.

Other brands of scoring systems like QubicaAMF and Steltronic are recently successfully installed using these connections. 

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