Only 5 bar (75 psi) of air pressure and 24Vdc 3W max are temporarily required in order to operate faultlessly.
The 24Vdc power supply and control is provided by the airOsetter. In standby mode only 0.5W of electrical power is used !
The airOlift uses the same technology and components as the airOsetter and airOvator so spare parts will be reduced to a minimum.

airOrack & Hood

To complete our product range we developed a new ball rack and hood for the ball return.

The ball rack is very sturdy and made of stainless steel. The colour of the hood can be determined when ordering. 
Recently we redesigned the hood to a more "modern"  and reliable design.

Mini-Bowling Hood & Rack

For mini bowling and duckpin applications we developed in addition to a smaller size pinsetter (airOsetter Mini) also a hood and rack for the above-ground ball return for the small mini bowling & duckpin balls.

See our "NEWS" page for more info about DUCKPIN Bowling.

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