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Welcome to the official NGT / D&K airOsetter website

The Most Energy Efficient Bowling Pinsetter in the World

  1. Unmotorised Bowling Pinsetter machine with low annual energy and maintenance cost. Completely driven by air pressure. Only 3 bar ( 43.5 psi ) is needed. 
  2. Additional electrical power of max. 50 Watt is needed for the electronics and solenoids when in use. The standby power is only about 10 Watt.  ( excl. lighting )
  3. Mains Supply 100 - 240Vac, UL approved 24Vdc / 100 Watt internal power supply. The power for external Photocells and Switches  are standard supplied by the airOstter.
  4. Easy to install ( all mounting brackets included ) and default plug & play. All remote cables separately available on request.
  5. Setup standard with OLED color display & buttons at the rear side. A remote input at the front of the machine is available for optional remote settings. *
  6. Standard Scoring interface output is compatible with many other scoring systems # Standard compatible with ScoreMaster and NGT Pro Scoringsystems.
  7. RGB LED pin lighting with a DMX512 controller are optional available for airOsetters and can be applied on request.
  8. Weight approx. 80 kg (176 lb) Dimensions:  TBD

The airOsetter bowling pinsetter is completely driven by air pressure and is unmotorized. With a maximum of only 3 bar (45 psi) this pinsetter machine is therefore very safe to use and in accordance with the general savety standards. A minor amount of electrical power is used for the electronics and the electric-pneumatic valves when in use.
The standby power for the complete system ( including airOvator and airOlift ) is only about 10 Watt. ( excl. optional pin lighting )


We also developed a brand new revolutionary ball elevator for bowling on air pressure.
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Additional to our product range we developed a new ball lift for bowling on air pressure. 
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airOrack & Hood

To complete our product range we developed a new ball rack and hood for the ball return. 
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The airOscore interface is standard compatible with NGT and Scoremaster scoring systems.
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airOsetter products were already successfully sold and applied in many European countries. 
Realized projects with airOsetter products in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, The Netherlands and more...

Manufacturers Address:
in The Netherlands

D&K electronics b.v.
Wilhelminastraat 19,
6621BA Dreumel.
The Netherlands


Please contact NGT Bowling e.K. or our Distributors for more info and resellers in other countries.

Worldwide Sales:
from Germany

NGT Bowling e.K.
Helmholtzstraße 9,
52428 Jülich.
Tel: +49 (0) 5921 – 179 11 58

The Netherlands & Belgium:
Active Bowling Products b.v. 
Maatlat 25f, 1906 BL Limmen.
The Netherlands