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The Most Energy Efficient Bowling String Pinsetter in the World


The airOsetter® bowling pinsetter is a state-of-the-art machine used in bowling alleys to automatically set up bowling pins after each frame. It is designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and speed in the pin setting process, providing a seamless bowling experience for players. The airOsetter features advanced technology and innovative design elements. It utilizes powerful air currents and suction systems to swiftly and precisely position the bowling pins in the designated spots. The machine is equipped with sensors that detect when the pins are accurately set up, ensuring proper alignment. 

  1. Unmotorized Bowling String Pinsetter machine with low annual energy and maintenance cost. Completely driven by air pressure. Only 3 bar ( 43.5 psi ) is needed. 
  2. Additional electrical power of max. 50 Watt is needed for the electronics and solenoids when in use. The standby power is only about 10 Watt.  ( excl. lighting )
  3. Mains Supply 100 - 240Vac, UL approved 24Vdc / 108 Watt internal power supply.    Power for external Photocells and Switches are standard supplied by the airOsetter.
  4. The airOsetter® also standard supplies electrical power for the airOlift™ ball lift, the airOvator™ ball elevator and the airObumpers™. No additional power needed !
  5. Easy to install ( all mounting brackets included ) and default plug & play.  All remote cables separately available on request.
  6. Setup standard with OLED color display & keys at the rear side. A remote input at the front of the machine is available for optional control/setup settings at the frontside. **
  7. The Scoring interface output (NPN) is compatible with many other scoring systems and is standard compatible P&P with NGT Impulse™ and ScoreMaster™ Scoringsystems.
  8. RGBW LED pin lighting with a DMX512 controller is optional available for airOsetters and can be applied on request. (mostly standard delivered with the system)
  9. Weight approx. 80 kg (176 lb). Dimensions  approx:  Height 1160 mm, Width 1530 mm, Depth 1200 mm. including mounting brackets.

The airOsetter® bowling string pinsetter is completely driven by air pressure and is non-motorized. With a max. of only 3 bar (43.5 psi) this string pinsetter machine is therefore very safe to use and in accordance with the general CE safety standards.
A minor amount of electrical power is used for the electronics and the electric-pneumatic valves when in use.
The standby electrical power consuption for the complete system (including airOvator, airOlift and airObumper) is only 10 Watt.
(excl. optional pin lighting and scoringsystem electronics)

Overall, the airOsetter bowling pinsetter revolutionizes the way pins are set up in bowling alleys. It eliminates the need for manual labor, reduces human error, and enhances the overall bowling experience for players.


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The airOscore interface is standard P&P compatible with NGT Impulse and ScoreMaster scoring systems.
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"Reinventing the future of Bowling Products by use of
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